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At Manhattan Puppies and Kittens we get reviews from customers on their pets’ progress letting us know how happy they are with their new family member.  It is very rewarding to know our customers take the time to let us know how happy they are.

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5 star Reviews for Manhattan Puppies

Hello! I decided on the name Turbo for this little guy, he is unbelievably friendly! Here’s a few pics for you guys in his new home!-Kimberly

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Happy Customer

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Hey guys!Thanks again for all your help!
Here’s the munchkin Abyssinian we got. We named her Ygritte (from Game of Thrones). She’s super sweet and very playful. We are enjoying her so much! She seems to have adjusted just fine to her new living arrangements. She’s very spoiled. Haha. Thought I would share some pictures and a video with you.


Hannah Hollis

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Yorkie puppy



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I want to thank you again for my amazing puppy Anubis , he is the healthiest my happy puppy .I love him so much !Best ,

Tiara Gray


Meaghan kitty is so happy,
Thank you so much, Theresa

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Hi Meaghan,

James and I hope all is well!

Please see a couple new photos of Bella- and Diezel and Bella!

Also, her favorite toy we bought at your store. We are looking to purchase more and can’t find them anywhere. Are you able to ship a couple to us? We’ll provide our address? Photo of the teaser toy attached.

Thank you!


Manhattan Puppies and Kittens Reviews Golden DoodleThank you so much for your quick and thorough response. Your care and compassion for these little lives is apparent and appreciated! I will definitely address these points with our vet.I have, and will continue to, refer friends to your store.Here’s our handsome pup!

Manhattan Reviews Boston-terrier-puppy

Happy Customer: Mojos new sister Luna

Boston terrier puppy

Happy Customer. Siamese Kitten.


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I just wanted to share with you all some photos of Coca, he is doing great and adapting very good at home. He already been to his first visit with the Vet and had another appointment for another vaccination next week. Me and my children are very happy to have him in our family.

Warm regards,

PS Coca says hi 🙂



Miniature Dachshund ReviewsThank you so very much!!!- she picked me, and here I am the one needing her more!!!-
its only been 4 months, and i have not been happier in years.
thank you sooooo very much.
sabineMiniature Dachshund

Good afternoon,

Just before Christmas we came in and fell in love with a beautiful Bengal cat – now named Mizzie!

Our families welcomed her with open arms over the holidays and started to ask us about where she came from, her parents, etc.

I wanted to reach out to share a few recent photos (she turned 3 months on January 3rd!) as well as ask for a status update on when we would be receiving the Pedigree from the breeder.

Any additional information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

mizzie3 mizzie2

Hi Debbie,
I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you. The joy and fun the westie pup, now called Sebastian, has brought to my family in the two weeks since we’ve had him simply cannot be measured. He is thus far in great health, happy, a good eater, and fitting in really well with his new older “brother,” a 10 year old cairn. Additionally, he was practically potty trained upon his arrival home and smart as a whip. We couldn’t ask for a better puppy! If you could please also pass along our gratitude to Meghan, the manager of the UWS location, I would appreciate it.Warm Regards,
Victoria Boaz

Good Morning,

I just want you guys to know how happy I am with my sweet kitten. I purchased her on November the 18th and she has brought much joy into my life. She is the sweetest kitten ever and loves everyone. I have attached a picture.

Thank You


Siamese Twins from Manhattan Puppies and Kittens


I’m very happy with my munchkin cat!  No problems at all. He’s so much fun.

Thank you,


“We are so Happy”

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Mahattan Puppy Reviews

He’s doing amazingly – very cute and spoiled rotten! Best decision of my life buying him!If you have a picture or any details on the kitten I would love to see/hear about it. Are the kittens in October also from the Pokorski family? Also very happy to visit either location!

The kitten is for my mother who adores Oscar and is constantly asking to babysit him. Think it is finally time to purchase her a kitten before she steals Oscar from me!!
1st week I bought him…

Yorkie Puppy from Manhattan Puppies

Dear Manhattan Puppies and Kittens,
We purchased a beautiful kitten from you last Spring. Her name is Anastasia and she just turned 1 year old. We love her very much, and she gets along with our yorkie very well.
What we are wondering is could you board a dog and a cat for a weekend? If so, what would you charge?
Thanks, and good luck to you!
Manhattan Puppies & Kittens Reviews Customer PicThank You so much for the great service.

Manhattan Puppies and Kittens Reviews Manhattan Puppies and Kittens Reviews Manhattan Puppies and Kittens Reviews

Another Happy Customer
Betsy Aaron
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Her name is Quwinkie. Love her.

The ride home was great she loved looking at all the scenery. Got her home to her ready made everything☺️ she ate and drank a fair amount of water. Has fallen in love with this one dental chew, surveyed the land and then ate again. All a good sign she’ll adjust well to being home

Thank you again i cant tell you how happy i am 🤗

Hi it’s Deirdre Malone.  Thank you for our beautiful chocolate brown long haired exotic kitten.  She fits in to our family beautifully with our Maltese Jasper.  Penelope is so beautiful.  Thanks for everything .. Deirdre Brianna And Brooke Malone


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Thanks for a quick respond! Here are photos of my friend’s pup that I am sitting often and I am so in love with her – I decided to get my own. There are pics of here being a puppy and adult. I would like someone similar looking but of course I am open to see any adorobale puppies you have also! I might stop by at the store today or tomorrow. Thanks!


Customers of Manhattan Puppies and Kiteens
Hi Meaghan!
And this is my little bernadoodle that I bought from you guys! Do you remember her? She is truly the best dog ever!******

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I wanted to say thank you for your help, I am very happy with the puppy and my family too. Here is a before and after picture of the puppy we named him spot. Also I wanted to see what happen to his pedigree papers because I still havent received it.


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Here are some pictures of Zeus, the Japanese Chin we adopted from you guys back in December. We love him very much!! 🙂
Thank you!!
Amanda & Andrew


Here is a small video of Friday playing  after arriving at home. Hope you enjoy it.

ELisa Domingues

Hi there, I wanted to get in touch to let you know we took home one of your kittens – Sonny, a blue silver shaded British shorthair from Manhattan puppies and kittens about a month ago… We love him very much and he has brought so much joy to our home. We loved the name you gave him and so we kept it. I thought maybe you like to hear what happens to the kittens you raise from time to time. Thank you, Hayley and Brian, New York, NY
Manhattan puppies and kittens reviews from our clients Manhattan puppies and kittens reviews from our clients

Puppy is settling in. She ate
Denise Souraj-Ramjohn

Dear Debbie

Attached is a picture of my daughter with Sammy. He is doing very well and we are happy to have him.

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Stopped into the shop today on the UWS and wanted to share some pics of our “kitten” that we brought home from there last spring. At 6 moths old when we got him he was already 12lbs. He is still massive (seriously, he’s huge) and we couldn’t love him more. Meet Mott 😉


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So we named the pomsky, (Blue Kingsley Guillen.) He’s 14lbs, full of energy, in great health and everyone loves him. On the weekend, we take him to (Freeport Long Island) to our In-laws house where he has a big yard to run around. MondayFriday he goes on morning and evening walks around our neighborhood. Thanks so much for everything.
– Cindy and Jose Guillen