Why Choose Us

Our puppies and kittens are the healthiest and most adorable pets that you will ever take home. We devote all of our time to training and caring for the puppies and kittens before they find their forever home. Therefore, you will have a lovely experience with your new pet regardless of whether you are a first time puppy owner, or if he/she is an addition to your other pets.

We guarantee that your puppy or kitten will be 90% trained when you take him or her home. When you pick up your puppy or kitten, we will take plenty of time to show you exactly how to care for your pet. Although our puppies and kittens have been introduced to training, we will also come to your home and provide a free in-house training and housebreaking session.

When you get your puppy from us, you will receive significant discounts for grooming services and supplies for the life of your puppy or kitten. Your first grooming is 50% off and we insure that it is a peaceful and relaxing experience for your puppy. You will also receive 20% off your first purchase of supplies when you get your puppy or kitten from us. Subsequent to these discounts, you will receive 10% off all grooming and supplies for the life of your puppy or kitten.